22 - 25 March 2015

The Origin of Quality
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F.lli Manzone Monteforte d'Alba

Belonging to the hills of Langhe area, a territory that extends for about 1245 sq km and located above Apennines. It’s characterized by a series of hills with a asymmetric morphology of the slopes within the geological sequence so called oligo-Miocene. It identifies a clayey-marly horizon, with the presence of microscopic crystals of gypsum. Some areas have the following classic sequence with banks of chalk “selenitico” punctuated by dark clay and marl. The base sequences are coarse sand with gravel horizons locally fossiliferous.

In a sedimentation basin is established clearly marina; characterized by deposits of clay sediments and peatmoss. Much of the soils are characterized by patches of bluish gray silty rich of clay and limestone where there are ideal conditions to make an elegant and well structured Barolo.